Al Case, Class of 1938

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk Al Case, Class of 1938      Watching the coal smoke billowing from the New York Central train less than 30 feet yet ten feet higher than his backyard, young Alvin dreamed about graduating from School 50 to attend Washington High School.  It was slightly less than one mile straight down the railroad tracks heading east from his Hancock Street family home to GWHS.

Sadao     When he was born April 21, 1920 he was the seventh of eight kids.  Oscar, Forrest, Barbara, Chet (long time west side lawyer who graduated from Manual H.S. while living in the first block south of Washington Street on Hancock, 3000 west), Orie, Mickie (mother of 1964 top student Janet Blake), and younger brother Norval (who would die in infancy) were his beloved siblings.  (Mickie died in 2013.  Al died Christmas Day 2015.) …. Follow this link for the complete article.